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🎀2020 NEW Lucky Clover Ladies Watch High-Quality & Elegant🎁

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The meaning of four-leaf clover
  According to legend, after Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden of Eden, Eve decided to retrieve the four-leaf clover to commemorate life in the lost paradise. Therefore, if you find such a four-leaf clover, it is equivalent to owning a part of heaven. Today, clover is endowed with all kinds of beautiful meanings by people who love it, and it has become a token of love, affection, and friendship among people, and it is widely circulated among all people who love life.

  😍It is so beautiful. ✨Every princess needs it. 🎁Best gift for the one you love. 

UNIQUE DECORATION. Flower centerpiece with beautifully carved rhinestones that rotates for an added element of fun.

✨The legend of four-leaf clover
   There is a beautiful legend about four-leaf clover.🎠
   In the past, there was a couple of lovers who really fell in love with each other and lived together in a beautiful peach forest🏞🏞🏞. Once, they were awkward because of a particularly small matter😡, and they refused to give in to each other. Finally one day, Eros couldn't stand it anymore, and drifted to the peach forest where they lived, and quietly lied, telling them that the other party will be in trouble, and only by finding the four-leaf clover☘☘☘ in the deepest part of the peach forest can it be saved. They pretended to be quite indifferent after hearing this, but they were still worried about each other. 💦💦💦It rained that night, it was torrential rain, but they still secretly searched for clover in the deepest part of the peach forest for each other. They were moved🥺🥺 when they knew that each other cared about themselves and decided to let the clover witness their love.
   Therefore, the four-leaf clover is still a testimony of love💕.

  Various mysterious and interesting jewelry boxes have been popular in various European countries, especially in the upper class of Victorian England. We launched this classical retro-style music jewelry box, which combines retro beauty with machinery. Let you can't put it down.

  The lid and sides are designed with hollow retro carved patterns, and the gears can be seen rotating when the exquisite and mysterious machine rotates. The secret key to unlock the jewelry box is hidden in the center of the box lid.



Made from the high-quality magnetic band, this band wraps around any wrist securely so you can wear it for any activities.


Designed for splash resistant, Primrose is suitable for everyday use, such as hand washing and other occasional contacts with water.

Package includes:

2020 NEW Lucky Clover Ladies Watch*1

Exquisite music box*1

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