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Crystal Gel Nail Extension Gel Set

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Nail extension gel set


Whether you are professional or amateur, this is a great aid!

Don’t have the time to keep your nails groomed and so you cannot have them in great length for a long time? We now have the solution with PolyGel Nail Kit.

The PolyGel Nail Kit is designed to help to get an instant and long-lasting nail extensions, especially for those who can’t grow their nails long. It is lightweight and it doesn’t discolor your natural nails, hence, looking like your natural ones.


  • Simply Press-On Extensions: It looks like a naturally-grown nail after curing.

  • Transparent Gel: Easy to make crystal clear nail extension and free to mix with glitter conveniently!

  • Dry Fast:
    It dries in a minute!
  • Lightweight:
    The poly gel has a barely-there feeling and so you won’t get the feeling of having extensions.

  • Extreme Sturdy:
    More flexible than acrylic and stronger than hard UV gel and lighter than both of them.
  • No Discoloration / Bubbles:
    The extensions do not easily turn yellow or bubbly even during curing.

  • For Beginners & Pro:
    Great for both professional nail specialist and nail art learner in salons, or DIY nail art at home.


  • PolyGel Liquid*1
  • Clip*1
  • Sanding*1
  • Painted pen*1
  • Color bar*1
  • 100 PCS x Nail Forms